Brother Sam in 'da Hood

Atheist Evangelist Sam Singleton of "Patriarchs and Penises ~ A Comedy in Two Acts" will be passing through Missoula setting up tour dates for his show and is looking for some friendly local faces to meet and converse with while he's here.

So, to celebrate the Earth's 6004th Birthday (give or take 4,540,000,000 years) and to show Brother Sam some good old Western Montana godless hospitality, come on down to Sean Kelly's on Friday at 6:00pm and wander to the back.

If you're not sure who to look for, Jon will once again be wearing his "DARWIN 08" campaign shirt, desperately trying to milk it for all it's worth between now and Nov. 4th.

Bill Maher's Religulous ~ Now In Missoula!

I've been patiently waiting and I just got the magic word from The Wilma.


Drop everything you thought you were doing Friday and come to the opening. Show your support to the Wilma for bringing it here.

We'll meet on "the grassy knoll" in Caras Park at 6:15 then we'll head up to the theater at 6:30 so we can all try to sit together.

If you miss us at the knoll and still want to catch up with us after the show, we'll head over to the Rhino for drinks and socializing afterwards. Look for Jon in his "DARWIN 08" Campaign T-Shirt.