Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Member Meeting and Board Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm
October 22, 2009
Small Meeting Room at Missoula Public Library

Members Present:

Jon Garvin
Traci Brown
Russell Thayer
Martha Thayer
Milo Coladonato
Gina Simunovich
Jennifer Knell

Jon Garvin opens the meeting by clarifying the difference between “Officers” and “Board of Directors” and how the election of “Board Members” and subsequent election of “Officers” to various positions by elected “Board Members” is to be undertaken based on the Missoula Area Secular Society “Bylaws”.

Nomination of “Members” for “Board of Directors” takes place.

Nominated are:

Jon Garvin
Russell Thayer
Milo Coladonato
Traci Brown
Gina Simunovich

Nominations are seconded.

Staggered length of terms are to be determined by a draw. Strips of paper with the numbers, 1, 2, & 3 are put into a rainbow-colored hat, the numbers representing the length of term for each elected “Board Member”.


Traci Brown: 3 years
Jon Garvin: 2 years
Russell Thayer: 2 years
Gina Simunovich: 1 year
Milo Coladonato: 1 year
Discussion follows regarding the setting up of a PayPal account at website to facilitate donations and the eventual selling of product. Conclusion is that it will be undertaken.

Discussion follows regarding the proposed cost of membership being too high at $50. No final decision on membership fee is determined.

Discussion follows regarding the setting up of M.A.S.S. knitting group. First meeting is to be held Sunday, November 15.

Discussion follows regarding various donations.

Meeting is adjourned after 25 minutes. “Board Members” move to Old Post to participate in “Board Meeting” over beer and food.

“Board Meeting” begins at approximately 8 pm.

Jon Garvin nominates Gina, Traci, and Russell to continue in current roles on “Board of Directors”. Russell nominates Jon to continue in his current role. Motions are carried. Length of term for “Officers” is one year.


Jon Garvin, President
Traci Brown, Vice President
Russell Thayer, Secretary
Gina Simunovich, Treasurer
Milo Coladonato, Member at Large

Meeting adjourned after 5 minutes.

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