Voting Membership Dues

The M.A.S.S. Board of Directors have voted to establish membership dues of $20/year. It should be noted however, that most of our events will continue to be free and open to the public. The $20 buys you a warm fuzzy feeling and a the right to vote for directors at each October's annual meeting and on any other issues that directors put to the members for a vote.

Funds raised from membership dues and donations will be applied toward furthering our mission "to foster a community of non-theistic individuals by providing opportunities for socializing, networking, and friendship." This will initially consist primarily of getting the word out about us to more potential members in the form of advertising (think local Billboards and Bus Ads, or whatever we can manage).

However, if given the choice of having either your money or your smiling face at our events, we choose your face without hesitation.

If you've previously donated to M.A.S.S., your donation has been applied to the membership dues for this year with our heart felt thanks.

Anybody wishing to donate or become a voting member may do so by bringing a check made out to "Missoula Area Secular Society" to any of our events. If Gina, our Treasurer, is not available then you can give the check to any of our other directors to pass on to her. Soon we'll have a donate button available on the website as well and should eventually have a post office box that checks can be mailed to.

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