Bozeman Freethinkers

Last Saturday evening we got a message on our M.A.S.S. voice mail line (406-646-MASS). It was Dylan from the Bozeman Freethinkers calling. He and some other members of that group were going to be in Missoula on Sunday and wanted to know if we'd like to meet up to chat.

I quickly called him back, we setup a time and place, and then I sent out a message to all of our regular event attendees. Then, about 20 hours after Dylan's message there were 12 of us all crowded around a couple tables at Break Espresso talking and laughing and sharing ideas.

The Bozeman Freethinkers are a rebirth of the Southwest Montana Freethinkers (a group that fell by the wayside when their leader moved away). The new leaders seem well organized and off to a great start. We all had a lot of fun meeting with them and are looking forward to our next meeting. In fact, there is already talk of a possible joint camping trip with the two groups sometime next summer.

Next time you're in the Bozeman area, check if they have any events scheduled and go join them, or if not, let them know you're coming and maybe they'll organize something informal. That goes as well for anyone traveling to Missoula from elsewhere in Montana, or Earth for that matter. If you're a non-theist heading our way, send an email or call our voicemail line to let us know you're coming. An impromptu meeting at a local bar or coffee shop is never out of the question. Just try to give us more than 20 hours notice if possible.

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Bozeman said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, the great company, and the priceless words of advice. Your ability to mobilize that many people in such a short time period gives us something to aspire to. And for making us feel like honored guests, I cannot thank you enough. I will forever consider our groups one and the same, differentiated only by location and name.