M.A.S.S. Discovers "HMS Beagle" (The Drink)

Thanks to those M.A.S.S. members who came out tonight to help celebrate the 200th Birthday of Charles Darwin. The turnout was a little light (probably due, in part, to the late notice), but we had a good time anyway. The excuses given by some for not attending (ranging from children's recitals to studying for an organic chemistry exam) were all good and would have been approved by Charles himself.

We had a fun discussion on whether or not an interbreeding population of non-microscopic organisms could ever diverge into two distinct species. A potential scenario or two were suggested, but since none of the attendees were willing to claim expertise in the subject, the topic went unresolved.

We then migrated to the pool table and were eventually down to just Dan, Nick, and I plugging our quarters into the table playing "Survival of the Fittest" (aka "Cutthroat"). About that time a group of people sat down at a table near us and told the server they wanted to invent a drink named "The Beagle" in honor of Charles Darwin's Birthday. I searched for and quickly found an inopportune moment to butt into their conversation and ask if I heard right (which I did).

We ended up talking a few times and it turns out that one of them is actually a member of the M.A.S.S. Facebook group (Amy, I think?). I suggested their drink should actually be named "The HMS Beagle" which they didn't object to, and we talked more about the drink's evolutionary history.

Apparently, it's original form was part Captain Morgan's Rum, and part Liquid Ice. However, like any good drink honoring the discoverer of Natural Selection, it immedietly began to mutate and evolve. The particular mutation I tried included pinapple juice (very sweet, but good). The final verdict, as I understood, was that the drink's base pair is Captain Morgan's and Liquid Ice, but should then be selectively bred with other concoctions to fit your particular taste.

Maybe on November 24th (the 150th anniversary of the publication of "On The Origin of Species") we'll discover a Blue Footed Booby drink. I hear that it makes the drinker amusingly clumsy yet fills men with an overwhelming desire to do elaborate dances involving stomping their feet, looking at the sky, stretching their arms out, and flaunting their feet to the nearest female. Women who partake of the drink are said to find this behavior highly arousing..., or so I hear.

Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!

Charles Darwin turns 200 years old on Thursday, which seems like as good a reason as any to gather for drinks and dialog.

Who: You!
When: Thursday, Feb 12th, 7:00pm
Where: The Chicken Lounge (122 W. Alder. Go in the front or back door of Double Front Chicken, then go downstairs. If you go in the front door, walk part way through the dining room and the door to the stairs will be on your right. If you go in the back door, you can't miss the stairs.)
Why: To celebrate the birth of one of the most important scientists in history.

If you're new and not sure who to look for, Jon will be wearing his "DARWIN08" Campaign T-Shirt.


What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Thanks to one of our newest M.A.S.S. members (Bill) for letting me know that any email sent to me at this domain wasn't getting through (and apparently hasn't been since mid November). It should be fixed now though. So, if anybody has tried sending anything (words of wisdom, well wishes, event ideas, death threats, etc) to jon@that-domain-up-there-in-the-address-bar.org, anytime since mid November, please go hunt it down in your sent mail box and send it again. Thanks.