June Sunday M.A.S.S. Brunch

It's time once again to enjoy the bewildered looks on the faces of your friends and family when you tell them that you're going to Sunday M.A.S.S.

We've been seeing more and more people coming to our monthly brunch event, and if this keeps up we're going to outgrow the meeting room at the Stone of Accord soon. We look forward to the day that we move into the regular dining room and claim part of it as our own, but we're not there quite yet, and won't get there without *you*.

We had some people who thought the meeting room was full last month and declined to join us. So, allow me to say that, depending on how we arrange the tables and chairs, we can fit up to 32 people in that room. We re-arranged once last month as more people showed up and we would have happily done it again. Don't be shy, even if we look crowded. Too many people is our favorite problem to solve.

So, please join us this Sunday at 10:00 AM at The Stone of Accord (aka the *new* Sean Kelly's) at 4951 N. Reserve St. near Interstate 90. If this is your first brunch with us, just tell the hostess you're with the group in the "meeting room" and she'll show you the way.

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UPDATE: This month's Sunday M.A.S.S. will include a special all-ages sneak preview of Brother Sam Singleton's latest sermon. You don't want to miss this!
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