Sunday M.A.S.S. Brunch for Non-Campers

Those members of M.A.S.S. that are attending the Bozeman Freethinkers Camping/Lewis & Clark Caverns/Museum of the Rockies trip this weekend won't make it to brunch, but not everyone is going to Bozeman and we have a standing reservation at the Stone of Accord. So, brunch is still on.

In the absence of the entire board or directors who will be either camping or otherwise out of town, Martha has agreed to be our official M.A.S.S. representative for brunch (just in case there's a need for such a person).

If you're not going camping, please come out for brunch and keep Martha company.

Where: The Stone of Accord (4951 North Reserve Street), in the Meeting Room
When: Sunday, August 1st, 10AM

If you're not sure where to go, just tell the hostess you're with the group in the meeting room. She'll make sure you get to the right place.

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Misty said...

Good luck on this trip. By coincidence, my wife & I went to the Lewis & Clark Caverns last weekend. The park official who guided our tour answered a young boy's question of "Who made this?" by saying, "God did." It would have been nice if a state park official would have explained some geology or perhaps the history of the CCC who blasted the paths through the caverns. But, she told the poor kid that God made the caverns. Also on the tour, we learned nothing about minerals, but were told that the formations looked like dwarfs, bacon, bunnies, and other silly things. It's a gorgeous place, but the staff could use some enlightening.