Snow Fun At Big Sky

Bozeman Freethinkers Aleksi and Kate are organizing the first of two "play in the snow" weekends in Big Sky, MT and are inviting members of the Missoula Area Secular Society (plus friends, family, and fellow-travelers) to join in the fun, December 4th and 5th.

Aleksi welcomes everybody to stay at her spacious house in Big Sky for this fun-filled weekend! You DO NOT have to be a good skier, in fact you don't have to ski at all; just come and spend some time relaxing in the mountains with some great people. Good skiers are welcome as well, of course :-)

If you'd like to ski, you should buy a $50 Frequent Sky Card from Big Sky Ski Resort ***before 9/30/2010*** (it goes up to $90 if purchased 9/30-10/31, after which it's not available). This card will get you a free ski pass for the weekend. Info on this card:,

This info page has a link to purchase the pass online. Think about it: $50 for even one day skiing at a world class ski hill is a Big Savings, since a daily lift ticket at Big Sky is $77 online/$81 at the window. Another Freethinker weekend is planned for April during another "free ski" weekend that you can use the card, so if you plan to attend both events and ski, then the card is an even better deal.

If you're inclined toward cross-country skiing, Aleksi's house is located on the XC trails for There is a $15 fee to use the Lone Mountain Ranch trails.

On Saturday night we'll find an inexpensive local restaurant that can handle all of us.

The joint Bozeman/Missoula camp-out this past summer was a big success, and a splendid time was had by all who attended. These ski weekends should likewise be terrific opportunities to have fun hanging out and hobnobbing with like-minded heathens and heretics. So come join in the merriment this winter at Big Sky. Be there or you will be forced to listen to a loop of Rush Limbaugh all day on Xmas day. This means You.

As the date gets closer, the Missoula group will organize a carpool/caravan and directions to Aleksi's house will be given out then. RSVP on the Facebook group is recommended.

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