Observatory Trip & Brunch

Our trip to the Blue Mountain Observatory has arrived.

We'll meet at 11:00pm, Friday night, in the parking lot for Peak Fitness at the corner of Blue Mountain Road and Highway 93/12. From there we'll drive up to the top of the mountain for the Blue Mountain Observatory's Public Observing Night. Bring a snack, a flashlight, a light jacket and wear long pants. The natural AC on top of the mountain can make un-prepared amateur astronomers quite chilly after midnight. You'll want your flashlight to find your way from the parking area to the Observatory, but once in the vicinity of the Observatory, please turn your flashlight off and leave it off until heading back to the parking lot. Lots of people (including us) will be standing around outside the observatory letting our eyes adjust to the dark to make it easier to see cool stuff through the big telescope and new arrivals shining their flashlights in everyone's eyes are not appreciated. More details ( including info about a possible private observatory night ) are available on the Facebook event page.

The following weekend, we'll have our monthly Sunday M.A.S.S. brunch on August 7th at The Stone of Accord ( 4951 North Reserve St ) at 10am in the meeting room. If you plan to attend, please RSVP on the Facebook event page for the brunch. The meeting room can fit 32 people, and we've come close to that a couple times. If it looks like we're going to exceed that this time, I'll contact the restaurant to have them move us out of the meeting room and to a far corner of the restaurant that can fit us all.

If you would like a M.A.S.S. T-shirt, we'll have them available for purchase at brunch. T-shirts are $20 and available in a variety of colors. Dues paying members who are up to date get a $4 discount on each shirt, and yes, you can pay your dues and buy a shirt at the same time to get your discount.

Annual membership dues are $20 for general members, $50 for Supporters, and $100 for Patrons (and we've even got some higher membership levels for those of you that are really gung-ho). However, becoming a dues paying member is not a requirement to attend brunch or most other events. Events are usually open to anyone interested in our cause.

Lastly, but not surprisingly, the "likers" of our Facebook page have grown considerably since our billboard went up and it continues to add new people every day. If you haven't "liked" us yet, please do so.

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